The Adjustment of Monitor and Amplified Sound for Variety Shows Recordings

- Sep 27, 2018-

We all know that the monitor sound reinforcement on the stage is a sound amplification system for the band members, actors and speakers on the stage to hear their own performances, singing and talking voices. Compared with TV recording and live sound reinforcement, the stage monitor sound reinforcement has been specially studied in the production of previous variety shows.

For the sound recording of TV variety shows, the stage monitor sound reinforcement often plays a very important role. If the players and the band can't hear the sound they need, they will not be able to play the most perfect, thus affecting the live effect, and cannot bring the best enjoyment to the audience in front of the TV.

However, whether it is technically or artistically, the stage monitoring sound reinforcement is very difficult. Technically, it is necessary to solve the feedback of the microphone and the balance of the listening requirements of the actors and musicians, and at the same time, it cannot affect the live sound reinforcement; in the art, it is the professional actors and music who have higher requirements for sound. Therefore, the stage monitor sound reinforcement is extremely challenging for our sound recordings in the sound recording of TV variety shows.

In the actual recording process, the choice of monitor speakers is generally determined by the venue and the form of the show. The placement of the monitor speakers is usually placed evenly along the front edge of the table to the side of the stage, mainly in order to make every place on the stage clear, and strive to achieve a uniform sound field.

In general, our monitor sound reinforcement needs to be done, so that the actors cannot hear the various reflections outside the stage on the stage, but just hear the sound from the stage monitor speakers. The audience in the front row of the audience heard only the sound from the sound box, but could not hear the sound from the monitor speakers placed in front of the stage.



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