Technical Analysis in Recording

- Oct 09, 2018-

First, the processing of the tone. In order to record a high-quality music, you must do a good job of processing the sound. In general, you can record music by selecting different places, which is to get a better sound. In the process of recording music, it is mainly the processing of vocals and instrument sounds. Although there are many differences between the two sounds, there are still some commonalities. The sounds of the two are basically compound sounds, not monophonic. Of course, the sounds that affect music are multi-faceted. Different styles of music or different music singing techniques will affect the sound of the singer's realization. For the processing of the tone, you can adjust the input channel on the mixer and use the four-band equalizer in the channel to achieve the adjustment.

Second, reduce the processing of indoor reflections. The reflected sound is also a difficult point in the recording process, and the distribution of the indoor space of the recording must conform to the golden ratio to effectively eliminate the emitted sound. Otherwise, the reflected sound generated in the room will affect the effect of the music recording and destroy the clarity degree of the music. Then an effective method for the relevant staff to deal with the reflected sound is to place a highly inconsistent partition in the recording chamber to eliminate the echo and improve the sound absorption performance of the wall inside the recording room.

Third, the treatment of different music. Different songs have different styles of singing and sounds. The content to be embodied is naturally different. When facing different music, you should grasp the characteristics of music and actively reflect the unique style of music. This should be noted, both in recording and in later processing. In addition, you should pay attention to the placement of the microphone. In the actual recording, you should find the height of the microphone to ensure the clarity of the singing voice.



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