Sound Evaluation Terminology

- Jun 19, 2018-

1. The sound has moisture: the distortion is very small, the frequency response is wide and even, the sound comes out, there is a certain degree of loudness and brightness, the ratio of the reverberation sound and the direct sound is appropriate, especially the high-frequency reverberation sound enough Senseless, mellow and watery on hearing.

2. Sound is dry: The sound conditions of the recording studio and listening room are poor, diffusion is poor, and the reverberation time is short. In particular, it is caused by the lack of high-frequency reverberation sound, which sounds dry and laborious.

In order to improve the sound quality, some irregular arc diffusers are often added in the recording studio to increase the reflection sound or use an artificial reverberator.

3. Sound is transparent: Distortion is very small, transient response is good, frequency response is wide and even, middle and high frequencies and high frequencies are coming out, reverb sound is appropriate, especially high frequency reverberation, bass is not paste, there is With a certain degree of intensity, the voice is clear and bright, with a good sense of depth and sound.

4. Sound is vague: that is vague, sound paste into one, refers to too many bass, low frequency reverberation time is too long, the lack of high-frequency, there is intermodulation distortion, or feel the sound like a layer of scrim, auditory Feeling brightness, poor clarity, and unclear levels.

5. Sound is solid: Solid, medium and low frequency sound energy average level is high, high frequency and high frequency is not lacking, direct sound ratio is strong, reverberation sound right amount, sound thick, bright, small distortion, high loudness. Such as the commentary in the movie news film, the microphone closer to the sound source, there will be a prominent voice, sound solid feeling.

6. Sound is empty: The reverberation is too large, the direct sound ratio is too small, the direction of the microphone is not aligned with the sound source, the microphone is too far away from the sound source, or if the sound source is received by the non-directional microphone when the reverberation is relatively large, it will feel The sound is empty, the clarity is poor, the lead sound is not prominent, and even the direction of the sound source may not be clear.

7. Sound swings: There are also 2 concepts for this term. First, good evaluation, no shortage of mid- and high-pitched sounds, rich and nice bass, low-frequency band broadening, sufficient energy, loose and elastic sound, and especially reverberation. The low-frequency reverberation is slightly larger, and the distortion is small. If a multi-frequency tone compensator listens to music at 80-150 Hz for 4-6 decibels, it will obviously feel bass fullness. The second is poor appraisal. If the bass is exaggerated to make the sound out of balance, or the sound source itself lacks low frequencies, the low frequency resonance peak of the loudspeaker (box) will cause resonance, or damping, and the transient response will not be good. The additional "bass" is dull in hearing and lacks brightness and gradation. This is a distortion and non-high fidelity sound quality.

8. Sound is dull: There are more basses or mid-bass sounds, poorer sound diffusion, shorter reverberations, inactive sound, dullness, lack of high-frequency and high-frequency, and wood is the antisense of sound swings.

9. Sound is soft (or loose): low and medium-low frequency energy is sufficient, sound is thick, loose, not tight, loudness is appropriate, reverberation sound is slightly larger, distortion is small, transient response is good, medium-high frequency, high-frequency moderate, in the main In the frequency band, the frequency response is relatively uniform and has a certain brightness. It sounds effortless and full of timbre and softness.

10. Sound is harsh: uneven distribution of frequency response, lack of bass, midrange and high notes, especially high treble components, distortion, hearing harsh.



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