Sound Console Output Arrangement Rules

- Jul 12, 2018-

The arrangement of the output section of the sound console has the following rules:

(1) There are several busbars in the sound console, and there must be corresponding output sockets.

(2) The sound signal output from each output socket must be equipped with its corresponding adjustment button on the sound console, which may be a push-pull button or a knob.

(3) Each of the output adjustment function keys is equipped with a monitor button. The monitor button next to the push button is pushed to monitor the PEL. The monitor button next to the knob is the monitor through the knob (AFL).

(4) The signal from the jack of the auxiliary return (AUX RET) or effect return (Effect RTN) enters the sound console, and the button that adjusts its size and the corresponding pan adjustment knob PAN are surely installed.

(5) Before the socket for outputting or editing the output, there is generally a corresponding INS (returning and re-entering the jack). The purpose is to perform special processing on the output signal before output, but the auxiliary output does not have INS jack.

(6) If the output part is equipped with a T.B. Mic jack for headphones and an intercom microphone, generally its bypass has its volume control knob.



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