Some Tips to Avoid Interference with the Wireless Microphone

- Jul 11, 2018-

When using a wireless microphone, it is often subject to interference from various factors, affecting the use of the microphone, then how to effectively avoid various interferences? We introduce some tips to avoid interference with the microphone.

1. Interference of external signals to wireless microphones

Some external signals are very strong for wireless microphones, such as radio stations, TV stations, etc. nearby. In this case, do not turn on the microphone, turn on all the microphone receivers, and see if the receiver receives signals and audio signals with or without interference. If the receiver does not have this function, then use the mixer headphones to monitor the audio signals. With or without interference, it usually takes more than 10 minutes. If there is interference, change the frequency.

2. The interference of the player to the receiver

To avoid such interference, first place the above player 50 cm away from the receiver, then turn on the walkie-talkie and player. Do not turn on the microphone to see if the receiver receives signals and audio signals with or without interference. The method is the same as above.

3. Interference between wireless microphone and wireless microphone

Turn on all the microphone receivers first, then turn on a wireless microphone to see if the other receivers have interference, no interference, turn off the power of the microphone, and turn on the other wireless microphone. In this way, all microphones are tested with disturbing frequency-changing points.

4. Do not have obstacles between the receiver and the transmitter.

Obstacles between the receiver and the transmitter can also interfere with the wireless microphone. It is best to keep the wireless microphone receiver at an appropriate horizontal spacing and not to place the receiver too low.

5. Wireless microphone battery interference

If the power of the microphone battery is too low, it will affect the wireless microphone receiving distance and tone. You should replace the alkaline battery 20 minutes before the performance. Check that the wireless microphone battery indicator is full. Make sure the battery power is not less than 30%.



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