Some Tips for Outdoor Adapterization

- Jul 12, 2018-

About outdoor open-air performances, the first requirement is sound technology. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the performance of the art performance is not an accident, and the task of performing the performance is smoothly completed. Because the outdoor art performance is relatively difficult compared to the indoor performance, there are also many specific technical achievements. Claim:

1. The sound system must have a strong power reserve:

Outdoor sound field requires powerful power. Because the outdoor sound field needs to increase the sound pressure level of 3db, the power needs to be increased by 10 times. According to the formula 10logp2 /p1 =xdb, the specific value of the sound field can be calculated.

2. Choose high sensitivity mic, which can enhance the mic's sound gain, so that the audience can get enough loudness. Outdoor performances often have a long distance between the MIC and the mixer, so it is better to use a wireless MIC for sound pickup. If the outdoor wind exceeds level 3, you can add a windshield to the mic. The windshield makes a porous and breathable special foam, which has little effect on the frequency characteristics, and only has a sensitive sensitivity, which can be on the mixer. Adjust the GIAN knob to ensure that the sound gain is not reduced. If there is light rain outside, you must perform it. Do not give the MIC a plastic bag cover. Because the plastic cover prevents the sound wave from directly acting on the MIC diaphragm, the frequency characteristics are extremely impaired. Big, it is best to add a supporting umbrella to the MIC to prevent rain, if the rain can stop the performance.

3. To hoist the speaker: outdoor literary performance speaker placement position cannot be too low, low-level speaker sound waves are easily absorbed by the audience, resulting in grazing sound absorption phenomenon, especially the high-end audio loss is extremely large, so it should be installed by lifting speaker, The midrange or treble horn and the outdoor dedicated speaker (the speaker has a high-powered treble horn), so that the sound waves of the speaker radiate far away in the air, so that the auditorium can get enough loudness.

4. Protect the speaker line: the distance between the outdoor performance power amplifier and the speaker is generally far. In order to prevent the fault and damage of the amplifier caused by the open and short circuit of the speaker line, there must be a special person to protect the speaker line, and the output impedance of the power amplifier is very small. Only a few ohms, but the sound power is very large, so the current is also relatively large, the line distance is not too long, and the cut-off area should not be too small, so as to avoid unnecessary sound power loss, if possible, the power amplifier Place the speaker closer to reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

5. Protect the power line: the energy of the speaker system is from the grid circuit, if the power circuit fails, the sound system will have problems. Therefore, the power circuit should be supported by a local professional electrician. The entire line mixer to indoor or temporary power generation vehicles should be protected by special security personnel.

6. The sound engineer should keep in touch with the assistant of the auditorium through the walkie-talkie, so that the sound engineer can grasp the sound effect of the auditorium more accurately and in time, so as to make timely adjustments.



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