Six Key Points for the Maintenance of Chinese HIFI Audio Network System

- Jul 13, 2018-

With the rapid development of material civilization, from the karaoke room to the conference room, as long as the economic conditions permit, all the professional audio equipment is equipped, the purpose is to ensure the sound effect. So how do you get the sound quality that China HIFI audio network equipment should have? In addition to proper installation and use, pay attention to maintaining the audio equipment.

1. The handling of professional audio.

The audio equipment is afraid of vibration. In order to avoid the influence of vibration on the sound reproduction of the equipment, the merchant also adopted some vibration-avoiding measures during the design. However, for equipment with high liquidity and frequent handling, it is far from enough to rely solely on the vibration-proof measures of the equipment itself. Anti-vibration protection measures must still be adopted.

2. The conditions and environment of the audio equipment.

Any equipment has certain working conditions and environment, and should avoid using the machine in extremely low or high temperature environment; avoid direct sunlight to the surface of the machine for a long time; avoid using the machine in a humid environment to avoid premature components Failure or premature rusting of the machine.

3. On and off sequence of the audio equipment.

Correctly setting the order of opening and closing the audio equipment is very important for the maintenance of the equipment. For convenience, when the power is turned off, the total power supply is pulled out, and the main power supply is also plugged in when the power is turned on. This method seems to be very easy, but there are hidden dangers. Because this operation generates surge currents and anti-peak voltages, these two shocks often damage the audio equipment.

4. The detection of the battery.

There are so many battery brands on the market that it’s hard to argue. In order to ensure that the battery does not appear to be dead during the performance, measure the current and voltage of the battery with a multimeter before the performance. After the performance, the battery in the microphone should be taken out to prevent the battery from corroding the contact, resulting in poor contact or no power.

5. The use of audio sources.

Most merchants add a title to the VCD or DVD for the promotion or select the song catalog, but the printed catalog is still sorted by the track, which shows that the actual track position does not match the directory position printed by the merchant. So how do you quickly determine the correct position of the desired track? Method 1: Configure a small monitor. Method 2: When you put the VCD, look at the total number of tracks. When the VCD machine reads the disc, press to stop watching whether the total number of tracks matches the total number on the disc. If it matches, the required track is also in the corresponding position. If it does not match,  it should add the difference between them when selecting songs. If there are 19 on the disc and 20 on the VCD, you should increase the number of tracks on the disc  by 1. This method does not apply to machines that do not display the bookshelf after stopping.

6. The power supply.

Insufficient voltage will cause the effector and microphone receiver to be inoperable, and the phenomenon of sound drifting, flickering, humming, etc. will occur.

In any occasion, the Chinese HIFI audio network should pay attention to the above six major problems, and do a good job in audio maintenance, whether it is for performances, speeches or conferences.



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