Six Essential Mixing Sound Techniques

- Jul 25, 2018-

1. Make the mix clear: You can use high-pass and low-pass filters to accurately define the frequency range of each instrument.

2. Automated processing: Almost all digital audio workstations have powerful automation functions, and there is no reason to just adjust the volume to a similar position. If necessary, you can fine-tune the balance of all movements, phrases, and even syllables. Automated control of send and insert effects is also possible.

3. Handle the sound: You can do the panning of every element in your song. But there is no need to drive you crazy in order to find the perfect position of the voice or to bring them to life. Except for the extreme left, extreme right and middle positions, the other positions have different results in different systems. So you can boldly process the elements in your songs.

4. Do a proper rest: Know how to relax your ears, which will help to reorganize your views and opinions. Mixing is a tough job, so after every few hours of work, you need to stop, relax, and adjust your body. Of course, being disturbed or distracted is not a reasonable rest.

5. Complete all the edits in advance: edit all the details on the drum, pick the vocals, fix the sound, and match the drums with Bass. These things should be done before entering the mix. Otherwise it is difficult for you to maintain and develop your creative passion during the mixing phase.

6. Bold experiments. In addition to using presets, what else can you do? That's about trying to get things done, such as adding distortion to something and using guitar effects for vocals. Try all the tools boldly and see which ones give you a new breakthrough. Try to enjoy the process in your own way. Because you only avoid using presets, you will find some unique sounds.



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