Simple Failure Analysis of Public Broadcast Amplifier

- Nov 02, 2018-

1. No electricity: Check whether the power cord is connected to the fuse, whether the power cord is broken or the fuse is in poor contact, and the fuse is blown, then check whether the rectifier bridge or electrolytic components of the power amplifier rectifier are bad, such as rectifier diodes or bridges. If the stack is damaged, replace the good components and check other lines, such as power amplifier tubes.

2. The signal level indicator flashes normally, but there is no sound output: first check if the speaker unit is normal. If it is normal, check the speaker lead is normal, that is, check the terminal contact is good, normal, that is, open the case for visual inspection or listen to the ear to see whether the output relay is closed or not. If the suction is normal, (if there is a universal meter), it is measured whether the front input and the output of the relay are directly connected. If not, the contact in the relay is oxidized or fired to produce charcoal. That is, the relay is changed normally.

3. The power light indicates normal no sound output, but the output relay is heard. First, use the universal meter to measure whether the power supply of the power amplifier is normal. If it is normal, the signal input terminal of the signal input terminal is connected with the hand. To a large current sound, it is preliminarily determined that the power amplification part is basically normal, that is, whether the signal lead is lightly shaken or not, or if the contact is poor, that is, the universal meter is used to measure that the line is faulty.

4. If the power amplifier output has no sound output: that is, check that the speaker unit is normal. If the terminal is in poor contact, it will cause burnt. If the terminal is black, clean it to ensure normal contact, and tighten the screw.

5. The boot protection light is on: Firstly, use the universal meter to measure whether the speaker group has a short circuit, and whether the resistance is reduced (generally normal is not less than 30Ω). If the resistance value of the external circuit is normal, it is determined that the power amplifier is faulty, that is, the power is checked.



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