Seven Key Tips for Recording Acoustic Guitars

- May 21, 2018-

Recording acoustic guitars with different microphones and placing methods can achieve a variety of effects. I hope the following information can help you.

1.      The microphone cannot be directly in front of the sound hole.

2.      Get a healthy sound, please aim the microphone at the 12 position. The distance is about 30cm, and you can adjust freely.

3.      If the normal placement method is low frequency, you can place the microphone above the sound hole or put it on the lower back side of the ponticello.

4.      I suggest you try different models of microphones, including some dynamic microphones.

5.      Use XY system to record stereo, add more options for your own works (pay attention to the phase problem)

6.      Bravely try the mid-side (MS system) recording.

7.      If your condition is limited, you can also use a large diaphragm condenser microphone to simulate the stereo recording.