Selection Method of Audio Wire and Matters Needing Attention

- Jul 18, 2018-

1. Audio cable, video cable and coaxial cable cannot replace each other

The appearance of the video line, the audio line, and the coaxial line are similar, and the transmitted signal is also passed through the metal core inside. Many people often mix the three in order to save trouble, although this can also complete the signal transmission, but it will affect the sound quality and image quality output.

2. How to compare two AV cables with the same function?

The AV cable is a good quality line. It is the abbreviation of audio cable and video cable in KTV audio. Its function is to eliminate external electromagnetic interference and restore the received signal very well.

First of all, the premise price and grade should be similar. Secondly, the same set of audio and music, the same volume and listening environment should be used for the test effect. Also, it is best to use the mid-to-high-end audio and audition disc audition because of the low end. The sound may have a noise that affects the comparison.

3. The necessity of matching a reasonable AV cable to the audio

The AV cable plays an important role in the whole set of sound, and it bears the task of transmitting signals. A good sound line and a poor quality sound line can be described as far apart, the material and internal structure are different, and naturally the function of signal transmission and the elimination of external electromagnetic interference are also greatly different.

Want to let KTV audio play the best effect, then in general, different grades of sound response with different grades of audio lines, such as high-end sound response with high-end audio cable. Cannot be arbitrarily matched, otherwise it will affect the performance of the sound.

When purchasing audio cables, avoid using inferior AV cables, otherwise the signal transmission will be affected, and the transmitted signals will be affected by external electromagnetic interference, which will affect the sound reproduction.

4. AV line maintenance should pay attention to what?

In order to extend the life of the wire, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of the wire. The AV cable should be as short as possible under the premise of reasonable use, to avoid signal loss; avoid bending when using, do not be too close to the power supply; AV cable and equipment must be firmly connected when connected, poor contact will make the audio sound, burnt out the components. After using for a long time, the wire may be aging and should be replaced in time; otherwise it will affect the sound effect. In addition, the size of the speaker cable should be selected according to the size of the KTV audio power, not too large or too small.



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