Representation Of Time Domain Redundancy

- Jun 20, 2018-

1. Non-uniformity of amplitude distribution

The quantization bit distribution of the signal is set for the entire dynamic range of the signal, and for small amplitude signals, a large number of bit data bits are left unused.

2. Correlation between samples

The sound signal is a continuous expression process. After sampling, adjacent signals have a strong similarity. Compared with the signal itself, the signal difference is much smaller.

3. Correlation of signal cycles

The sound information is in the range of the entire audible domain. Only a part of the frequency components is active at each instant, that is, the characteristic frequency. These characteristic frequencies will appear repeatedly in a certain period, and the periods have a correlation.

4. Long-term self-relevance

The sample value and periodic correlation of the sound information sequence will also be relatively stable at a relatively long time interval. This kind of stable relationship has a high correlation coefficient.

5. Mute

Intermittent pauses in the sound information, whether sampling or quantification, will form redundancy, find out the pause interval and remove the sample data, which can reduce the amount of data.



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