Related Instructions of Sound Ground Electrode Wiring

- Jul 18, 2018-

1. Under normal circumstances, when we KTV audio ground wiring, some circuits have both small signal input and large signal output, and usually input and output are delivered by the panel. When the input and output parts of the party have grounding points, they must use wires to the common ground respectively, but not a grounding wire.

2. KTV audio ground circuit usually has a lot of grounding components in the actual wiring. At this time, we can't put these components into a threading hole when wiring, but arrange the grounding components of this level as close as possible to the common ground. A section or an area of the line can also lead to a grounding branch or grounding island from the ground.

3. Our audio ground circuit is not better than bad, usually it is to see if the current in the ground wire flows through other circuits or components that are not related to this current.

4. In the arrangement of high-power audio output stage, since the output power block and the filter electrolytic capacitor are large in size and need to be installed outside the board, the grounding point of these components should be made with the grounding component of the circuit in the board of this stage. Ground a little.

5. The distribution of the acoustic ground wire must be based on the current in the address. That is, we must pay attention to the fact that the irrelevant currents cannot use a ground wire, but the current allowed in one ground wire cannot be separated by the ground wire.



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