Recording Methods of Radio Program

- Aug 07, 2018-

Recording is very important in broadcast programs. Through the debugging of the recording equipment, the sound of the announcer is perfectly reproduced, which is the most basic requirement in the recording process. Here are some tips for broadcasting recordings:

1. The control of the recording level conforms to the national standard. We must realize that the fullness of the level also has a very important impact on the quality of the broadcast program. Excessive fullness will cause the listener to experience hearing fatigue or distortion. If it is too low, it will affect the clarity of the program. Especially in the selection process of various broadcast programs, it is necessary to pay attention to the fullness of the level.

2. Pay attention to the sound environment between the recording room, the production room and the hearing room. The sound environment between the recording room, the production room and the hearing room should be as identical as possible. When listening, the volume should be appropriately selected to control the mixing ratio and recording details of the music, and the problems should be dealt with in a timely manner. The factors affecting the acoustic environment include indoors. Environment and impact equipment should focus on creating the same feeling in these two aspects.

3. Pay attention to communication with the announcer. When it is necessary to communicate with the announcer, it is necessary to inform the announcer of the time and duration of the soundtrack synthesized to the original sound, so that the announcer can understand it, and also can play the song before the broadcast to let the announcer listen, so that the announcer can advance Enter the broadcast state.



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