Questions and Answers on Wireless Microphone Usage Techniques

- Aug 07, 2018-

Q: How to prevent and avoid interference from external signals to wireless microphones?

Before purchasing a wireless microphone, you should first know the transmission frequency of the local TV station. It should be staggered when you purchase it. If it is a new construction site, if there are conditions, high-density wire mesh or iron sheet should be added to the top and the surrounding of the building to shield and isolate the interference of external wireless signals or use the SQUEICH knob on the receiver to suppress the interfering signal (but this has an effect on the receiving distance of the microphone).

Q: How to use the antenna correctly to ensure signal stability?

When using multiple sets of the same series of wireless microphone systems, it is best to use an antenna splitter if possible to minimize mutual interference between the antennas on the original receiver; or to maintain a proper horizontal spacing of the wireless microphone receiver, The receivers have better receiving conditions between each other to avoid mutual interference between frequencies to obtain a better wireless signal.

Q: How to identify the wireless microphone in use?

When using more than 2 handheld wireless microphones of the same model at the same time, in order to prevent misoperation, the bottom of each wireless microphone (where the microphone is not easily blocked) should be marked with different colors, and at the same time on the mixer. The corresponding color of the microphone should also be marked with the same color as the microphone or marked. In this way, even if the wrong wireless microphone is taken, the operator corrects it in time. In addition, you can use the color microphone dust cover to mark, which not only improves the sound quality, but also can be used as a microphone mark. In order to prevent the wrong clip-on wireless microphone, you can set the number or color of each microphone transmitter first. Before the performance, you can make a fixed, fixed, and exchanged use.

Q: How to prevent the silent phenomenon that may appear in the performance?

During the performance, the singers always use handheld wireless microphones alternately. Some actors will unconsciously turn off the power of the wireless transmitter or turn on the microphone mute switch to make the microphone mute, so that the next actor can use the wireless microphone. When there is no sound in the wireless microphone, the operator will be caught off guard. Under normal circumstances, when the wireless microphone transmitter power is turned off, the transmitter work indicator light on the wireless microphone receiver will be extinguished. If the operator can frequently check the wireless receiver indicator light when exchanging the microphone, the problem will be discovered in time. However, if the mute switch of the wireless microphone is turned on, only the operator listens with the headphones while the program is alternated. In order to prevent the wireless microphone from being silent, the mute switch should usually be fixed with a tape.

Q: What kind of battery should be selected for the wireless microphone transmitter?

In order to ensure the normal use of the wireless microphone system, you must use a battery with sufficient energy, and it is best to use an alkaline 9v battery, and the battery should be confirmed before purchase and use.

Q: How can I know if the transmitter battery energy is sufficient?

Most V-segment wireless microphone receivers do not have a transmitter battery level display. In order to prevent the phenomenon that the audio signal is distorted due to insufficient battery power, the operator can use the PFL pre-listening function of the mixer during normal use of the wireless microphone, and monitor the signal of the wireless microphone with the earphone, if the signal noise of the microphone channel is slightly increased. When you are old, you should replace the battery immediately.

Q: How to replace the battery during the performance?

The best way to replace the battery during the show is to turn on the “mute” switch on the mixer channel, so that the wireless microphone is in a mute state. If the mixer does not have this function, the output level of the wireless microphone receiver can be turned off. , then turn off the transmitter power, replace the battery, turn on the transmitter power, and then restore the receiver output level; either turn off the mixer input gain or use the Line / MIC selector to switch the input signal, after the battery is replaced, boot Reset the mixer input gain or select button



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