Professional Audio System Gain Testing Methods

- Jul 18, 2018-

Measuring the gain of the sound system in the sound field is usually done on a single frequency band. It is generally stipulated to test the system gain on an octave band with a center frequency of 1 kHz. Another common technique is to use the A-weighting method to test for pink noise. About the sound system gain measurement method:

A typical example is as follows:

1. The microphone with the stand is placed in the normal position, and the small speaker is fixed on the podium to simulate the situation where the person speaks about 0.6 meters away from the microphone. The frequency response of the speaker used in this test should be fairly flat in the range of 250 to 4000 Hz.

2. While the system is disconnected, the test speaker is driven with a pink noise signal to produce a sound pressure level of approximately 80 dB(A) at the system microphone. This sound pressure level is tested with an A-weight scale using a precision sound level meter. When measuring, the sound level meter microphone should be as close as possible to the microphone of the sound system.

3. Record the sound pressure level at the system microphone when the sound system is disconnected, then turn the system on to increase the gain to the value that just sustains the oscillation. We use the same sound level meter to test the amplified sound pressure level in the auditorium center, and subtract the sound pressure level L measured at the microphone from the sound pressure level L' (when the system is "on") measured in the auditorium center (system When "off", the value of the sound system can be calculated.

4. The gain of the sound system is the difference in sound pressure level produced by the test speaker measured at a certain point in the auditorium before and after the system is turned on.



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