Problems to Be Aware of When Using A Wireless Microphone

- Jul 30, 2018-

1. The problem should be paid attention to before use.

The operator should carefully check the wireless microphone before the performance, connect the system correctly, and properly set up the antenna to ensure that the microphone is in normal working condition. Pay attention to the following points in order to avoid the soundless phenomenon of the wireless microphone during the performance.

(1) Check if the battery case is in good contact and the battery has power.

(2) Turn on the receiver first, check the RF meter head, make sure there is no RF interference in this channel, and then turn on the transmitter.

(3) Check the microphone mute switch to ensure that the wireless transmitter and microphone are always active.

(4) Hang the waistband transmitter antenna down on the belt to avoid sagging and bending due to gravity, which will affect the launching effect. Do not let the waistband transmitter come into direct contact with human skin because the actors are prone to sweating during the performance and affect the normal operation of the electronic device.

(5) In order to avoid the carrier frequency deviation, please do not directly touch the waistband transmitter with metal objects, such as keys, belt buckles, etc.

(6) Do not stack the receivers together to avoid interference between the receivers.

2. The problem should be paid attention to during use.

(1) During the performance, pay attention to observe whether the RF signal indicator is normal or not, and prevent interference from external wireless signals.

(2) When the microphone is handed over, avoid stacking multiple open wireless microphones together, and do not close to the receiving antenna to avoid intermodulation interference and affect the use of wireless microphones.

(3) If there is noise in the sound, the microphone head may not be installed in place, or the sensitivity of the microphone head is set too high, or the frequency used may be disturbed, mainly for the following reasons.

There are interference sources in the venue (such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, etc.). When this happens, you can try a different frequency. When replacing a new frequency, it is best to change the frequency of the receiver first to find the receiver. The RF signal light has no disturbing frequency and then changes the frequency of the transmitter.

The receiving conditions of the venue are not good (such as the column blocking in the field, or the reflection of metal equipment and glass in the field, the sound control room leaving the venue far away, the wall blocking or turning, etc.) will affect the normal reception of the signal. There are usually several ways to solve the problem:

Try to use a diversity wireless system (ie one microphone, two antennas) because the two antennas have a larger receiving range.

You can change the direction, angle, etc. of the antenna to improve the reception.

If the receiving environment is too bad, such as the sound control room is not in the venue, as long as the antenna can be extended to solve the problem, the emergency method: Take a video cable 10-15 m, connect with the antenna of the original receiver, and install it in the energy the place where the signal is received is sufficient.

(4) When it is necessary to replace the wireless microphone battery in use, the microphone power should be turned off first, and then replaced, and then the microphone switch turned on.



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