Precautions for Professional Audio Use

- Nov 20, 2018-

1. Power matching

Generally speaking, the power of the power amplifier is greater than the power of the speaker. Under normal circumstances, the power of the power amplifier is 30% larger than the power of the speaker. If a small power amplifier is used to push the power speaker, the power amplifier is easily overloaded and will generate a pair of speakers. Harmful current, the speaker unit is easily damaged.

2. Impedance matching

At present, the power amplifiers used in professional audio systems are generally fixed-resistance. Generally, the power is placed at 4Ω--8Ω. Most audiophiles like to push more than 2 speakers for one amplifier. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the impedance of the speaker. When the speakers are connected in parallel, the impedance will decrease. If it is lower than 2Ω, the power amplifier will be easily damaged. This approximate short-circuit working mode is best not to be used.

3. Line connection between the amplifier and the speaker

The signal line of the power amplifier should use the balance line as much as possible. If there are multiple power amplifiers in the system, it is better to use the signal amplification distributor to separate enough signal lines without attenuation to supply each amplifier separately, which can reduce system noise. Reduce hidden dangers and improve signal to noise ratio. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the quality and connection of the speaker cable. Try to use a relatively thick and short speaker cable. When connecting, be sure to distinguish between positive and negative poles and avoid short circuit.

4. The switch behind the amplifier

Sometimes there are many conversion switches behind the power amplifier, such as: mono working mode, stereo working mode, bridge working mode; there are level adjustment switches, signal frequency switching switches, etc., we must pay attention to see when using These transfer switches adjust the amplifier to the correct or desired working state, otherwise it may cause unexpected failures.



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