Power Handling Capability of Loudspeaker

- Jul 18, 2018-

The power handling capability of the speaker (or the rated power of the speaker) is a major technical parameter. It represents the power input capability of the speaker to withstand long-term continuous safe operation. To understand the power handling capability of the speaker, you must first understand how the speaker driver is damaged. There are two modes of damage to the drive:

One is due to overheating damage of the voice coil (sound ring burnt, overheat deformation, inter-turn breakdown, etc.), and the other is that the diaphragm displacement of the driver exceeds the limit value, making the cone diaphragm of the speaker / its surrounding elasticity Damage to components usually occurs with low frequency signals that contain many large amplitudes.

The sound signal is not a sinusoidal signal, but a random one. These random signals can be represented by three energy numbers. The effective value (RMS) is also called the rms value, which is the sinusoidal signal of the amplitude of the signal peak. The measurement results, close to the average value, basically represent the heating energy of the signal.

Peak is the maximum level at which the signal arrives. For sine waves, the peak level is greater than the rms level by 3dB. For music signals, the peak level exceeds the rms value by up to 10-15dB. The peak displacement is the dominant, peak factor used to account for the ratio of the peak level to the rms level. For a pink noise source according to AES2-1984, the peak factor is 6 dB, ie the peak voltage is 4 times the value voltage.

The power processing capability of the speaker is the technical parameter measured under the condition that the pink noise signal processed by (AES2-11984) is continuously added for 2 hours and the permanent change of its electrical function and mechanical function is not more than 10%.



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