Notes for Recording with A Computer

- Nov 21, 2018-

First of all, the recorder should not forget to turn on the recording function of the microphone before recording.

When recording, the recorder should make a clear speech and express nature. Try to use a pronunciation method that is close to colloquial. When paying attention, pay special attention to the tooth sound. Don't use the chest to make a sound. Don't sing from the throat. At the same time, use the resonance chamber of my head, nose, throat and other organs to make the sound thick and round.

Most members who record songs will have the noise generated by the air blown microphone. Such noise cannot be eliminated by any effect processor in the later stage of CoolEditPro2.1. It should be avoided as much as possible during the singing, except to control the uniformity of the vocal flow. You should also wrap the sponge on the microphone or make a circle with the wire, then cover the light and thin things like silk scarf and gauze on the front of the microphone about 1CM. Do not leave the microphone and mouth too close when singing.

The best way to record is to listen to the accompaniment music with headphones. Recording with the rhythm, you need to pay attention to the volume is moderate, too large will be recorded in the dry sound track, affecting the quality of the later mix.



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