Notes for Recording in Recording Studio

- Sep 29, 2018-

1. The recording device must not be the notebook's built-in microphone, it is best not to use a headset.

2. Remember not to mute the portion of the track that is not recorded. Please keep the noise because you need pure noise to get the noise characteristics later.

3. About one punch distance from the microphone (10~15cm) when recording, too close to the sound is easy to suffocate, sprayed wheat will be very serious, too far sound is very ethereal, late promotion effect is not good.

4. Do not deal with their own dry sound, especially the reverberation, recording as much as possible in a room without echo or echo.

5. Please save the dry sound into wav format, it is best not to save to MP3 format, because some MP3 will cut off some frequencies of sound, resulting in lack of frequency, affecting sound quality.



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