Matters Needing Attention for Using Recording Deck

- Sep 25, 2018-

When recording, using the recording deck also has its use skills. Proper use of the deck can extend the life of the deck. When using the recording deck, you should pay attention to the following items:

1. Proper use of Dolby noise reduction system: Do not put ordinary tapes in Dolby mode, or put Dolby tapes in normal mode, otherwise the playback quality will be worse. Ordinary tapes play in the Dolby noise reduction mode, and the high frequency attenuation is too much, and the effect is not good. On the contrary, the Dolby tape plays in the normal mode, the noise in the high frequency is not attenuated, and the noise becomes louder during playback, which is very harsh. .

2. Operation according to the specified steps: The operation steps specified in the instruction manual of the recording studio are scientifically based. Some people are not used to follow the steps. For example, if you do not press the stop button during playback, you will change to fast forward or fast reverse. , or directly press the open box to build the tape during the playback process, which will cause damage to the recording studio.

3. To use a good quality tape: use high-quality tape for recording, playback. The magnetic tape with poor quality has coarse magnetic particles on the surface, irregular edges, and large running resistance, which is easy to cause wear on the magnetic head and the motor.

4. Try to use the pause button as much as possible: One of the main points to extend the life of the recording seat is to use the pause button, because the pause button is achieved by a certain forced force, when the machine is paused, the motor is still rotating, and some components are thus under stress. The number of pauses or too long is too long for the recording deck.



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