Major Technical Measures for Improving Sound Clarity

- Jul 13, 2018-

1. In the professional sound engineering, the main role of the speaker is to point to the audience area, so that the sound is projected to the wall and ceiling as little as possible.

2. Use a "constant pointing" speaker system with good directivity.

3. Ensure proper frequency transmission characteristics in professional audio engineering. Language sound reinforcement should be no less than 125Hz~6KHz, reducing bass and maintaining high pitch. Music sound reinforcement requires wider transmission frequency characteristics.

4. Avoid placing the speakers in the corner.

5. The audience should try to maintain a high D/R ratio, and the maximum feeding distance is generally 3 to 4 times the critical distance.

6. The signal-to-noise ratio of the audience is at least 10dB(A).

7. Select the appropriate reverberation time according to the system use

8. Maintain proper loudness of professional audio equipment in professional audio engineering. The average sound pressure level of the language sound reinforcement system is about 68~74dB, and the music sound reinforcement system needs to be increased by 5~10dB.

9. The distribution of indoor sound field should be uniform, and the sound field unevenness of all listeners should be no more than ±3dB.

10. Make full use of the early launch sound. In the Jiansheng design Chinese medicine, the ceiling and side wall reflection surfaces are fully designed.

11. Eliminate sound quality defects such as sound focus, echo and sound shadow in the room.

12. In the professional sound engineering, the system of multi-speaker symbiosis should be corrected by the delay device, so that the delay difference between each sound source reaching the audience is no more than 2~5ms.



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