Maintenance And Use Manual Of Audio Equipment

- Jun 15, 2018-

No.1 Note the storage environment

  The normal working temperature of the amplifier should be 18°C45°C. Temperatures that are too low can reduce the sensitivity of certain machines (such as tube machines); too high a temperature can easily burn out components or cause premature aging of components.

  Especially in the summer, pay attention to cooling and maintaining air circulation. It should be stored in a dry room, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, and do not put it in a damp place to prevent the high-density plate to swell and swell.


No.2 Remember to use it often

Don't put it aside for a long time. Use at least 1-3 times per month for more than one hour each time, otherwise it will bring a lot of troubles, such as static fatigue of the material, non-polar electrolytic capacitor leakage in the frequency divider, and distortion of some parts. And so on, it affects normal work, but it affects its life.


  No.3 Function key is reset after each use

  If the function key is not reset for a long time, the spring of the pull button spring is in a state of force for a long period of time, and it is easy to cause malfunction.


  No.4 Switching machine needs attention

  When starting the machine from the front to the rear, it is necessary to open the CD player first, then open the front and rear stages, and turn the volume potentiometer of the amplifier to the minimum when starting the machine.

  Turn off the amplifier when you turn off the power amplifier, so that the power amplifier's amplification function is completely turned off. When you turn off the front-end equipment, no matter how big the impact current is, it will not affect the amplifier and speaker. Also turn off the volume potentiometer of the power amplifier to the minimum when close the surface, turn off or turn off the front and then turn on the CD player.


No.5 Reconnect after shutdown

  Do not open the amplifier to connect the speaker cable, because the distance between the speaker's terminal is generally very close, and the speaker cable is tightly parallel. When the cable is connected, the speaker cable is often accidentally short-circuited. The consequences will be rapid. Burn the amplifier.

  Although some power amplifiers have protection circuits. Some HI-FI-grade pure power amplifiers often dispense with these protection measures in order to improve sound quality and reduce unnecessary tone. Therefore, the phrase "shut down and reconnect" has already become a rule that enthusiasts must follow.


No.6 Regularly electrified

In the case of long-term non-use, especially in wet, hot seasons, it is best to energize for half an hour every day. In this way, the heat generated during the operation of the internal components can be used to drive off the moisture and prevent the internal coils, speaker voice coils, transformers, etc. from becoming wet.


No.7 About heat engine

Just try to put some soft music and listen to music at medium volume within half an hour after booting. Wait until the player warms up before enjoying a large volume. Don't put a loud volume on the amplifier when the amplifier is hot, and put some bursting music. The reason is that the power amplifier components are in a cold state when they are just turned on, and letting them work at a high current will shorten their lifespan.


No.8 Reducing interference

Household appliances and computers in the room should avoid sharing a set of power supplies with the audio. Even if they are put together, they should be powered from elsewhere. Secondly, entangling the wires together can also cause lines and lines to absorb noise and destroy sound quality. Whether it is equipment or cables, it should remain undisturbed by other appliances or power cords.



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