Main Acoustic Specifications of the Reverberation Room

- Jul 31, 2018-

The reverberation room is a building room, but it is an important part of the test equipment in the measurement of architectural acoustics, and its acoustic specifications are as important as other test instruments. Just as in the production of audio products such as CDs and audio tapes, the acoustic specifications of the studio are just as important as the microphones and recorders. If the reverberation time of the studio is too long or too short, and the noise floor of the room is too high, it is impossible to record a sound quality audio product, which is often overlooked.

The main acoustic specifications of the reverberation room are as follows.

1. Sound field diffusion: not only the sound pressure should be uniform at all points in the indoor space, but also the incident direction of sound waves in all directions should be uniform.

2. The reverberation time should be long enough, that is, the sound absorption on the inner surface of the room should be as small as possible. In this way, the sound waves in the interior can be continuously reflected to improve the diffusion effect; on the other hand, the test accuracy can be improved.

3. The indoor noise floor should be low, about 10~15dB(A).



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