Learn Hand-in-Hand Microphone Test Tips

- Aug 21, 2018-

Do you know hand-in-hand microphones? This microphone is different from ordinary microphones. It is mainly used for various large-scale conferences. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting, it is very necessary to test it when we use it.

When conducting hand-in-hand microphone testing, we mainly tested three aspects, namely, pronunciation test, noise test and vibration test. The first is the pronunciation test. The pronunciation test, in simple terms, is a unit that has a pronunciation in the microphone. It processes the human voice through the audio processor and then spreads through the expansion device. Through such operations, the speaker's voice can be spread. Listen to the participants. When conducting the pronunciation test, everyone should pay attention to this. Hand-in-hand microphones should be held by hand, the mixer and equipment should not be changed, and the tester needs more than two people. When the time is actually used, the conference speakers are multiple. In order to better reflect the use of people with different pronunciation frequencies, it is better to test more people in the early stage.

Next is the noise test. During the meeting, there are many people in the environment, and there will be a lot of noise in the environment. In the early test process, everyone should pay attention to the sound of the mixer as much as possible. Then use it to see if there are any noises. If there are more noises in the conference, it will seriously affect the conference effect and the participants' feelings. However, generally good quality hand-in-hand microphones will not have serious noise, unless the business is not set up in the production of internal circuits.

Finally, it is the vibration test. Everyone knows that during the use of sounding equipment such as audio equipment, the equipment itself will produce certain vibrations, as well as hand-in-hand microphones. Why do we conduct vibration testing because if the equipment vibrates within the normal range, it will not affect our use, but if it is beyond the scope of daily use, then it needs to be repaired or replaced. For the vibration test, the trick is to turn the volume of the sound to about 60% for testing. Look at the vibration of the device during the process. The key point is that everyone can directly use the hand. Touch it and feel the vibration.



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