KTV wireless microphone purchase indicator

- Apr 19, 2018-

1. Durability, any beautiful, stylish, expensive wireless microphone if not durable, often problems, it is really a headache.

2. Stability, KTV's particularity, determines the number of simultaneous use, the first concern is the string frequency and frequency.

3. Popularity. The “popularity” mentioned here refers to the popularity of wireless microphone sound quality.

4. Interoperability: The use frequency of wireless microphones in KTV is very high. Failures are unavoidable. No brand can guarantee that 100% of its products will not fail.

5. Fashionable, KTV competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Nowadays, KTV's decoration design is getting more and more fashionable and its grades are getting higher and higher. Therefore, we need to keep pace with our audio equipment. KTV wireless microphones are no exception.