Karaoke Microphone Use Points

- Mar 22, 2019-

Karaoke microphones are used at close range. In order to achieve good results, the microphones are required to have special near-talk effects and pointing effects to improve performance and environmental interference. That is to say, the sensitivity of the microphone changes at the low frequency end with the distance of the sound source: the closer the distance is, the higher the sensitivity is. High-value karaoke microphones are also equipped with an explosion sound filter to minimize excessive breathing noise and hum, for complete, full-fledged sound reproduction. 

Another important feature of the karaoke microphone is the control switch on the microphone's housing, allowing you to achieve some special sound effects during the singing. The specially designed anti-vibration measures can effectively prevent the friction noise during hand-held, make your singing bass layer clear, the treble is bright and sweet, the sound quality is soft and beautiful, and it is full of appeal.



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