Introduction to Electronic Music

- Jul 11, 2018-

Electronic music refers to music that is produced and modified electronically. The dissatisfaction with the limited tone of traditional orchestras of the orchestra is the initial motivation for producing electronic music. Early in the early days of the 1890 recording technology, people tried to use it as a new source. At the beginning of the 20th century, some people in the United States experimented with electronic methods to produce new sounds. After the Second World War, with the popularity of tape recorders, specific music genres appeared in France, paving the way for the emergence of electronic music technically and psychologically. In 1951, the world's first electronic music research group was founded in West Germany. Since then, countries around the world have set up an "electronic music room" to create tens of thousands of electronic music works. In recent years, electronic music works have gradually shifted from the early "tape-synthesized music" to "live music." Early electronic music rooms used a variety of oscillators, filters, modulators, connectors, dual-channel amplification and speaker systems, multi-channel devices, and a complete set of sophisticated techniques such as tape editing and machining to form musical compositions. In 1964, Muge of the United States first made a voltage-controlled electronic synthesizer, which greatly simplified the production process of electronic music. The composer can easily control various factors such as pitch, time value, intensity and tone of the sound. This makes it possible to play electronic music on the spot.

In recent years, electronic computers have increasingly entered the electronic music room. The new generation of electronic musicians not only use computers to control electronic sound synthesizers, but also complete music works, computer music style analysis, auxiliary music teaching, and even automatic composition. Computer music (computer music) is booming.



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