Instructions for Recording in the Recording Studio

- Sep 25, 2018-

Recording in the recording studio is different from singing in KTV, and it is different from performing live on the stage. When you sing in the KTV room, what you hear is the sound that has been modified by the sound. Here, a large degree of reverberation is added to make the vocals mix with each other to make up for the shortcomings and defects in the individual singing. In the shed, all the recordings used are professional recording equipment, and its reproduction is unparalleled. In order to ensure that the sound engineer monitors and mixes according to each individual, the original sound is usually recorded without any modification during recording. At the same time, the voice of the system feedback to the singer remains the same. At this time, the singer will feel uncomfortable or show less confidence in the songs he sang.

In order to overcome this feeling as much as possible, the singer must go through the necessary three steps when recording in the recording studio:

1. Familiar with the environment and take a break. Before the singer enters the shed, the sound engineer should let him familiarize himself with the environment in the shed, bring it to the control room, and browse the studio for a little more, to increase the sensation of the singer and the environment, and to reduce the strangeness. In the process of familiarizing with the environment, the sound engineer should briefly introduce the equipment situation and past work experience to improve the singer's self-confidence and enthusiasm for the singer to perform the song.

2. Try to sing. Recording in the shed, audition is an essential part of the game. By auditioning, the singer can further improve the fitness of singing in the shed and prepare for singing good songs. Of course, some singers often go into the shed to record songs, so they can reduce the time in the shed and enter the actual degree of recording as soon as possible. The audition process is also essential for the sound engineer. At this time, the sound engineer can master the characteristics of the sound according to the actual situation of the singer, and make appropriate adjustments to select the determined track for recording. In general, recording a singer requires at least two tracks to complete a work.

3. Official recording. During the recording process of the sound engineer, the different segments will be complemented and re-compensated, and adjusted to select a track in the recorded waveform files above two tracks for mixing.



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