How to Use the Sound System for Beginners?

- Sep 10, 2018-

Audio equipment use taboo 1: put the equipment into the cabinet

Some music equipment enthusiasts are pursuing decoration or want to better protect their favorite instruments, and they will put the equipment into a custom-made cabinet. This is a taboo. Because the space inside the cabinet is small, if the air does not circulate, the sound quality of the equipment will become hard for a long time.

Audio equipment use taboo 2: stacking equipment

Many users like to place the DVD player, amplifier, tuner, audio and other machines on top of each other, which is one of the misunderstandings of equipment use. Stacking equipment can cause mutual interference between the equipment. Over time, it will destroy the sound quality of the equipment.

Audio equipment use taboo 3: power plug is positive or negative

Many users use the equipment regardless of the positive or negative of the power plug. If the positive or negative is inconsistent or jagged, the tone of the equipment will become rougher.

Audio equipment use taboo 4: wiring is not strong and clean

The sound of the system is relatively hard, which may be caused by poor contact, such as the plug is not inserted, may be contaminated with dust or oil. When using the equipment, users should check regularly to keep the equipment clean.

Audio equipment use taboo 5: blindly emulate

Some users always blindly imitate others and arbitrarily modify audio equipment. Do not disassemble the equipment in private to avoid unsafe problems.



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