How to Use the SLR External Microphone?

- Jul 30, 2018-

Many friends who make news have high requirements for external microphones. They can neither be too noisy nor more intelligent. So what kind of SLR external microphone is better?

SLR external microphone: SLR external microphone, news interview microphone, in fact, more people hope that the microphone can effectively reduce the relatively low quality audio circuit noise generated by the camera:

1. Hand-held condenser microphone: Hand-held condenser microphone first needs to install DC battery to supply power to the microphone. After installation, push the microphone reed switch to the upper end to work. The connection between the microphone and the sound card is to first connect the card end of the microphone line to the tail of the microphone, and the other end of the microphone line is connected to the microphone input jack of the computer, sound card, mixer, amplifier, etc., and can be used. Connecting a mixer, amplifier, etc. requires a 3.5 to 6.35 adapter.

2. Large, medium and small diaphragm and tube, vacuum tube condenser microphone: This type of microphone is called the professional recording capacitor in the industry. The method is to first install the microphone on the shock mount at the front end of the bracket, and then insert one end of the male and female card line into the bottom jack of the microphone, and the other end is connected to the phantom power or the phonograph, the mixer, the illusion. On the card interface of the power supply, connect the microphone cable of the card to 3.5 to the phantom power and sound card. After you finish, turn on the mixer or the power switch of the phantom power supply.

3. Power-free condenser microphone: This kind of microphone is a new type of condenser microphone that appeared in the last one or two years. It features that it can work without phantom power and battery power. It is very simple to install and use. The method is to connect the card end of the microphone cable to the end of the microphone, and the plug of the other 3.5 can be directly inserted into the microphone input jack of the computer, sound card, phantom power or mixer.



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