How to Use the Equalizer to Record?

- Oct 09, 2018-

First, the frequency response of the channel program is balanced and the sound quality is beautified. Because the human language singing and the sound of the instrument are all complex sounds, familiarity and understanding of the spectral characteristics and frequency response curves of the sound source is very beneficial to the equalizer to frequency compensate the recorded program. Only in this way, the sound of the tone is true and natural, and the sound engineer's judgment on the sound quality of various sound sources can be accurate. In the early recording, if the sound source characteristics are unfamiliar, and the equalizer is used to distort the sound of one or several sound sources, it is difficult to adjust the sound of the sound in the late stage.

Second, the use of the equalizer can be used to simulate special effects. The equalizer can be used to make a special sound effect by arbitrarily increasing or attenuating any frequency band or frequency of the sound. For example, the voice of the telephone has a narrow frequency band of 300 to 3000 Hz. Therefore, the equalizer can be used to limit the human audio frequency to this frequency band. The sound outside the frequency band is attenuated by 10 to 18 dB per octave and 800 to 1500 Hz. This band is properly boosted to get the sound in the analog handset.

Finally, the equalizer can be used to repair programs that have been recorded but have defective audio quality. For recordings that have already been recorded, when the sound quality is flawed, but it is impossible to supplement or downmix, you can use some technical equipment to reprocess and copy a master tape by technical means. When the reverberation is too much and the sound is turbid, it can increase the frequency above 5000Hz, increase the sense of presence, and at the same time select the appropriate frequency at the intermediate or low frequency to attenuate slightly, so that the sound is clear.



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