How to Use the Effector When Recording?

- Sep 21, 2018-

Various types of effects are inevitable in the mix, and conventional effects include frequency type effects, dynamic type effects, and time type effects.

Frequency type effects mainly include equalizers and filters, which are very popular in popular music mixes. The "subtraction principle" is a relatively common use of equalizers in the industry, with the aim of reducing unnecessary sounds. The frequency of the instruments allows the instruments to avoid each other and leave the frequency space to the required instrument. The principle of subtraction is roughly divided into two steps. The first is to attenuate the excess frequency, and then to increase the frequency that needs to be emphasized.

It should be noted here that the adjustment of the equalizer cannot be separated from the sound image and cannot be separated from the range played by the current instrument, so the equalizer needs to consider various factors.

Dynamic types of processors include compressors, limiters, expanders, and noise gates. Early dynamic processors focused on the adjustment of signal dynamics. Today, dynamic processors are mostly used to adjust the sound, and its application probability is not less than the equalizer.



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