How to Use Radio Acoustic Instrument System Correctly?

- Sep 18, 2018-

The radio acoustic instrument system is mainly used for audio sources such as electric guitars, electric motors, electronic keyboards, synthesizers and computer drums. The main difference from the wireless microphone system is the way the sound is picked up. The microphone pickup is a low-impedance output and the electroacoustic instrument pickup is a high-impedance output (the microphone is 0DB output and the electroacoustic instrument is -20DB output), so the LINE/MIC on the wireless transmitter should be used when using the electroacoustic instrument. The (line/microphone) switch is set at the LINE position; the gain of the transmitter is adjusted appropriately to adjust and control the level of distortion. The wireless microphone receiver should also set the LINE/MIC switch to the LINE position. In this way, not only the acoustic matching between the electro-acoustic instrument and each device is achieved, but also the level is properly matched, and the performance of the electro-acoustic instrument can be optimally exerted. If the LINE/MIC switch is set to the MIC/microphone position, it will cause distortion when connected to the mixer's MIC/microphone jack. Serious damage can also occur.



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