How to Use and Maintain HiFi Headphones?

- Oct 24, 2018-

1. It is best not to wear headphones when sleeping, which will cause the headphone cable to wrap around the neck or the wires are screwed together, and even the casing may be crushed.

2. After using the headphones, wipe off the sweat on the headphones. These human secretions are the stealth killers of the wire. After a long time, the wire will age and eventually lead to seaming and breaking.

3. Be sure to turn off the volume of the small source device before use. If the volume of the output device is too large, it will not only damage the ear, but if it is serious, the voice coil of the earphone will be burnt.

4. The earphones are far away from strong magnets, otherwise the magnetic properties of the magnets of the unit will drop, and the sensitivity will decrease over time.

5. Keep headphones away from moisture. The pads in the earphone unit will rust and the resistance will increase, causing the headphones to be biased.

6. The plug part. If you put the Walkman player in your trouser pocket, the plug outlet is easily folded, causing the cable to break.

7. Do not disassemble the headphones casually. This can result in complete damage to the headphones.

8, winter is best not to use outside. The winter weather is cold, the wire is hard and brittle, and excessive bending can easily break the wire. At this time, the earphone wire cannot be heated, and the high temperature will accelerate the aging of the wire.

9. Stay away from chemicals. The paint on the earphone casing is easily dissolved in organic chemicals.

10. Ensure that the earphone net cover is clean and do not allow excessive exposure of the unit to dust.

11. During use, the headphone cable should be protected from manual damage such as pulling and heavy pressure.

12. Newly purchased headphones should try not to play CS games right away. Because the various sound effects in CS are relatively irritating for new headphones with tight diaphragms. Therefore, you should first use appropriate soothing music for proper maintenance, and then use it slowly after entering the state.

13. The headset cannot withstand frequent beatings, and sudden high-altitude pulling, this will be a great deal to the overall headset, voice coil, diaphragm and wire.

14. When pulling the earphone plug, grasp the plug at the front end. Do not hold the cable directly to pull it.

15. Headphones are private items, it is best not to communicate, must be cleaned after use, earplugs should pay more attention.

16. Pay attention not to fold the line when you take the line, but use a certain arc to close the line to avoid the wire breaking.

17. Most earplugs are designed with sound-insulating cotton outside the venting holes on the back to prevent the magnets from inhaling dust and accelerate aging. It is recommended not to remove the sound-insulating cotton; the front of most earplugs uses a relatively fine mesh to prevent large dust from entering. It is recommended to add a sponge cover when not using earplugs for a long time.



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