How to Test the Sound Quality of Professional Audio Equipment?

- Oct 12, 2018-

1. Bass part

The bass effect of professional audio equipment can be said to be a very important part of the overall sound quality. It is directly related to the shocking effect of the fullness of the sound effect. For the performance requirements of the woofer for the speaker, you can place a cup next to the speaker when testing. Water, a good-performing bass speaker can cause the cup to vibrate, the water in the cup will also swell with the music, and the better the bass effect, the more obvious and longer the duration.

2. Middle part

The midrange part is difficult to distinguish the sound quality of most professional audio equipment products. This is because the main function of the midrange part is to make the sound realistic, so if you want to test the midrange part of the professional audio equipment, you can play multi-channel movies and feel whether there is good realism.

3. Treble part

Generally speaking, the high-pitched effects of professional audio equipment will be very intuitive. Good high-pitched speakers will perform well in singing and some special electronic sound effects, and even some extreme sounds beyond the hearing range. When testing the treble part, you can choose some high-pitched vocals to play, for example, using Vista's CD to test, good sound quality in the high-pitched part is not only clear and pleasant, and there is no noise.



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