How to Solve the Problems of Audio Equipment?

- Sep 11, 2018-

In fact, there are many reasons for the noise and current sound of the sound, such as the speaker is disturbed, the interface or the connection line is poorly contacted, and the sound itself is of poor quality. In general, the speakers are mostly active speakers, there must be an amplifier inside, so the noise is inevitable, the noise of the active speakers can be roughly divided into thermal noise, electromagnetic interference, and mechanical noise and so on.

1. Electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference can be mainly divided into power transformer interference and stray electromagnetic interference.

(1) Stray electromagnetic interference

More common, speaker wires, crossovers, wireless devices, or computer hosts can be sources of interference. Keep the main speakers as far as possible from the host computer and reduce peripheral wireless devices.

(2) Power transformer interference

Due to the magnetic leakage of the multimedia speaker, the effect of adding a shield to the transformer is very obvious when conditions permit, and the magnetic leakage can be blocked to the greatest extent. The shield can only be made of iron-type materials. We should try our best to choose big brands and solid materials. In addition, using external transformers is also a good solution.

2. Mechanical noise

Mechanical noise is unique to active speakers. During the working process of the power transformer, the iron core vibration caused by the alternating magnetic field will produce mechanical noise, which is very similar to the buzzing sound of the fluorescent lamp ballast. Choosing a good quality product is still the best way to prevent this noise. In addition, we can add a rubber shock absorber layer between the transformer and the fixed plate.

3. Thermal noise

If the potentiometer is used for a long time, there will be poor contact between the metal brush and the diaphragm due to problems such as dust accumulation and wear, and noise will be generated when rotating. If the speaker's screws are not tightened, the inverted tube is not handled properly, and mechanical noise is also generated when playing large dynamic music.

Dealing with such thermal noise can be done by replacing low-noise components or reducing the component's workload. In addition, lowering the operating temperature is also an effective method.

In addition, some computer speakers, when the volume is adjusted too large, there will be noise. This situation is because the power output of the power amplifier may be small, it cannot be avoided by the large dynamic peak signal of the music moment, or because the sound of the speaker is caused by many kinds of situations, such as the speaker is disturbed, the interface or the connection line is poorly connected, and the speaker quality itself is poor and so on.



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