How to Solve the Murmurs on KTV?

- Aug 20, 2018-

In the use of KTV audio equipment, sometimes there will be noise, this problem may be caused by a variety of reasons, how to solve this situation?

1. Electromagnetic interference produces noise

There are two cases of electromagnetic interference: power transformer interference and stray electromagnetic interference. Usually, the power transformer is disturbed due to the leakage of the power of the multimedia speaker.

In this case, a shield made of an iron-type material can be added to the transformer to block the leakage. It can also be solved with an external transformer. I suggest you choose a good quality branded product.

2. KTV audio hardware problems

If there is a problem with the hardware of the audio, it is best to change the new one, because the sound quality of the repaired audio will be greatly affected.

3. The source problem

This source refers to the player, songs, instruments, etc., to find out whether this is caused by this reason; the easiest way is to directly find another source test.

4. The line problem

Check the line to see if there is any break. If it breaks, you need to pick it up again. Finally, wrap the tape. If not, see if there is a problem with the connector. If the plastic head is plastic, just change the line. If it is metal, it needs to be tested before it is finished.

5. The driver problem

Once the drive fails, there will be no sound. Generally, only the sound card driver needs to be reinstalled. Also, it is necessary to uninstall the original driver before reinstalling.

6. The speaker burned out

See if there is a problem with the speaker. If the speaker has a sound that has not broken, you can fix it. The method is to use the common vegetable oil to drip into the copper ring of the speaker, and then slowly press it with the amplitude. Once, until there is no noise, after a while, reinstalls it, and then try to hear if there is any noise.

7. Electromagnetic wave interference

This is a common cause. Interference sources include speaker cables, crossovers, wireless devices, or computer hosts. The solution is to keep the main speakers as far away as possible from the mainframe and reduce the surrounding wireless devices.



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