How to Solve Microphone Speech Sound Distortion?

- Jul 11, 2018-

Problem Description:

When talking in a microphone, the sound is too boring and the speech is too tired, or the sound is too sharp and too ugly.


1. During daily use, due to accidental drop or collision of the microphone, it is easy to cause the microphone film and voice coil position to shift or fall off, resulting in distortion of the speech sound. You can take the microphone apart and check the inside one by one.

2. The “treble” or “bass” of the microphone is not properly debugged. Usually, if the high pitch is too high or the bass is too high, the sound will be weak or too sharp. Usually, the gain or lightening of the volume needs to be slowly adjusted according to the speaker's own sound quality.

3. If the microphone is humming or intermittent, it may be because the microphone line is not in good contact. Replacing the microphone cable can solve the problem.



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