How To Set The Frequency Divider In The Audio Processor?

- Jun 19, 2018-

We will use more professional audio equipment in venues such as large conferences and various concerts. In professional audio systems, the horn type loudspeakers are more common for tweeters, and the direct type and airflow for woofer units. In various ways, such as the internal and external sound quality output, whether it is internal frequency division or external frequency division, the upper and lower part must be applied to the frequency divider because of the frequency division sound reproduction plan. The role of the frequency divider in professional audio can be roughly divided into the following characteristics:

First of all, the use of frequency divider can make a variety of speakers can work in the most appropriate audio section. The use of frequency divider can send high-frequency signals to the tweeter. The low-frequency signal is sent to the subwoofer. The high and low frequency signals all go their own way. As far as possible, the advantages of the operating frequency band of the respective loudspeakers are applied to ensure that the loudspeakers in different working frequency bands are fully functional and the playing characteristics of each frequency are evenly balanced.

Secondly, the use of frequency dividers can suppress the distortion caused by the vibration amplitude of different frequency band sound loudspeaker diaphragms. If we use a loudspeaker to produce a wide frequency range of sound, due to the mechanical performance of the diaphragm, it is very difficult to have a very wide vibration amplitude change, which will surely distort the onset of sound and reproduce the sound quality. It was affected. But if we use frequency dividers in sound technology, this may be an improvement.

In addition, the use of frequency dividers in professional sound technology can also reduce the sound interference generated between different speakers in the same cabinet. The reason for the presence of sound intervention in the crossover points and crossover intervening areas is simple because of the frequency divider’s frequency division attenuation rate cannot be immeasurably large. In the crossover frequency interpenetration area, especially at the crossover frequency, the tweeter and the subwoofer will have the sound of the other frequency band at the same time. In this case, the presence of the sound intervention phenomenon is inevitable. Therefore, the higher the crossover attenuation rate of the divider is, the smaller the crossover interpolating area is, and the smaller the sound intervention of the speaker is.

The audio processor is a more professional audio device. In many places, it is more necessary for us to pay attention to more details during use. We must have a certain understanding of the audio device to better exert its effect and achieve the desired result.



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