How to Reduce the Acoustic Interference Noise?

- Oct 19, 2018-

1. Wall: The wall should be thick and heavy in order to improve the ability to isolate the sound of the air. If possible, double wall can be set. When the sound absorbing panel is placed on the inner side of the wall, it should be spaced from the wall, and it is essentially a double wall.

2. Ceiling and carpeting: If the listening room is located in the middle of a high-rise building, noise from upstairs and downstairs can be transmitted to the listening room through the ceiling and floor. In order to reduce the vibration sound that is transmitted into the room through these channels, a ceiling can be provided to isolate the noise from the sky, and the floor can be laid to isolate the noise from the air.

3. Door and window joints and pipes: It is able to stick sealing strips on door joints and window joints. This is the easiest way to dispose of sound insulation.

4. Doors and windows: Setting the sound insulation door and window is the key to noise reduction. The transmission loss of a door depends on its weight, hardness and density. The sound insulation of ordinary wooden doors is 18dB, which increases the weight and thickness of the door and improves the sound insulation. If a double-layered door is installed and the sound-absorbing material is filled in the middle, the sound absorption effect can be significantly improved.



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