How to Properly Prevent Noise When Recording?

- Sep 26, 2018-

During the recording process, the recording staff is more troublesome than the noise problem, because basically all the recordings will have some noise. So, how to prevent noise when recording?

For this problem, there are three aspects that can be noted:

1. Shockproof. The dynamic wheat recording is usually fixed on the microphone stand, and the microphone stand is not shockproof. It is directly in contact with the microphone and the building, and it is easy to transmit the vibration of the floor and the building into the microphone, and the noise is more obvious.

2. Properly control the distance between the microphone and the mouth. Some friends often use the phenomenon of squirting when recording, which is caused by the improper angle and distance of the microphone. The distance between the microphone and the mouth should be controlled at about 8-10CM.

3. Keep the microphone away from the display and turn off the display if necessary. A careful turn-over will reveal that the microphone is placed close to the monitor during recording, and the recorded vocals will have significant noise. This is caused by electromagnetic radiation radiating outward from the display. Therefore, the microphone should be removed from the display by more than 1.5 meters.

During the recording process, we can prevent noise by dampening the microphone, adjusting the distance between the microphone and the mouth, and adjusting the noise through post-production.



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