How to Properly Assemble the Receiver?

- Jul 12, 2018-

1. Receiver is used indoors and outdoors for short distances.

The wireless microphone system is used in the most basic use environment such as family karaoke, small conference room or small concert. It can be directly installed by using a pair of standard single-pole omnidirectional receiving antennas or standard coaxial omnidirectional receiving antennas equipped with the receiver. On the antenna input socket, straighten and lock tightly.

Although it is used for indoor and outdoor short-distance reception, it is also necessary to maintain stable reception and avoid noise interference. When using a single-pole omnidirectional antenna, since the metal chassis is equal to the 1/4-wavelength grounding component of the other half of the antenna, the antenna and receiver keep the chassis as vertical as possible.

The receiving antenna should be kept away from metal obstacles and noise interference sources in order to obtain the best reception effect.

2. Receivers for long distance indoors and outdoors

Stage performances or special environments require long-distance reception. In addition to the professional models that use pure automatic selection for the receiver, the installation of the antenna system needs to be particularly particular.

The omnidirectional external antenna is used to mount the antenna upside down or on the ceiling, and then directly connected to the antenna input socket of the receiver by a coaxial cable, thereby increasing the receiving distance and the receiving quality of the signal. Since the receiving antenna is set higher from the ground and the receiving distance is farther, the loss of signal transmission occurs due to the extension of the coaxial cable. Therefore, the cable with less loss must be selected according to the use distance to compensate for the transmission loss of the cable.

As for the power supply of the strong wave device, it can be directly supplied from the receiver antenna mount having the antenna bias output. When used in a long-distance environment with many interference signals, a wide-band dual-power directional antenna is used, which is fixed by vertical landing of the tripod, pointing the antenna to the direction in which the wireless microphone is used. Because the antenna has directivity and provides high gain, it can be obtained. Better reception. In the same environment, a circular-polarized broadband dual-power directional antenna can eliminate the signal fading phenomenon caused by the change of the angle of the receiving and transmitting antennas, and obtain a more stable signal receiving quality.



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