How to Place the Microphone When Recording?

- Sep 29, 2018-

1. Recording the piano

You can put two microphones on the treble strings and the other on the bass strings, and you can experiment to see the distance between the two, it is more appropriate, depending on your location. It depends on the space. This method is suitable for live radio and studio use.

2. Recording an electric guitar

The dynamic microphone can be placed about 3~6cm in front of the guitar speaker with the preamplifier. The distance can also be tested to see how far and which microphone position is better. If you need to use the same preamp and record a lot of different guitar speakers, you can experiment to see the distance between each speaker and the microphone, and record the relationship between these combinations.

In addition, you can place a condenser microphone and align it with the front stage before about 180cm from the previous stage. You can also experiment to see the effect of different recordings caused by the distance, and test your space and microphone placement. The phase reduction (Phasecancellation) and the sound enhancement (Reinforcement) caused by the position.

3. Recording an acoustic guitar

Place the condenser microphone of the small diaphragm about 20cm away from the 12-cell, and the other large-diameter microphone is placed about 30cm away from the bridge. The same effect can be experimented with different distances.

4. Recording electric bass

Connect the electric bass directly to the passive DirectBox (DI) and then output it from the DirectBox to the bass preamp. Regarding the arrangement of the microphone, the dynamic microphone is placed about 3~6cm away from the bass speaker, and it is passed to the mixer or the recording device, and the output source of the passive DirectBox is also included. When recording, please be sure to divide the two signals into tracks, so that the characteristics of the sound can be effectively adjusted when mixing.



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