How to Install and Connect Professional DJ Equipment?

- Sep 25, 2018-

When all devices are connected to the power supply, they must first check that the power supply of the device is 110V or 220V. After confirming that it is correct, plug in the power again to avoid damage to the equipment.

1. The connection of the turntable signal line:

The audio signal and ground wire of the turntable are connected to the mixing console. The audio signal plug of the turntable must be plugged into the PHONO wiring track on the mixing console, and the left and right channels of the red and white are separated into the jack, and the ground wire should be directly Connected to the mixing console, if the ground wire is not connected, an hum will appear.

The audio signal of the turntable cannot be directly connected to the LINE track on the mixing console like a CD player, DVD player, VCR or recorder; because the input signal level of the CD is large, and the disc is produced by the stylus rubbing the record. The audio signal level value is generally only a few tens of milliamps. It needs to be input into the special track in the mixing console for pre-amplification and adjustment. Then it is sent to the rear stage power amplifier and then amplified by the mixer.

2. Installation of the stylus and cartridge:

When the cartridge and the stylus are installed, four different colored wires should be connected to the four different color connectors on the cartridge to connect and lock the colors. When some disc cartridge accessories are attached with small iron blocks, this small iron block should also be locked to the cartridge with the cartridge.

3. Adjustment of the center of gravity of the turntable and the balance point:

In order to make the record difficult to jump when playing and grinding, it is necessary to adjust the balance point of the vocal arm in time. First adjust the center of gravity hammer to make the needle pin zero, then adjust the left and right bias box to make the left and right bias box zero, and finally adjust the weight of the center of gravity to 2.5 grams and 3 grams.

4. Adjusting the electronic brakes of the turntable:

Only TECHNICS, VESTAX and other European-Japanese design discs have electronic brakes. Each time the stop button of the turntable is pressed, the turntable does not stop immediately, but the turntable continues to jog or reverse backwards, indicating that the electronic brake of the turntable has not returned to zero. In this case, remove the turntable, and then remove the protective cover to see the positive and negative adjustment buttons of the electronic brake (BREAK), and then use the screwdriver to adjust. If the dial is still slightly rotated in the direction of the clockwise direction, the adjustment knob should be finely adjusted in the direction of the clockwise direction; otherwise, it should be finely adjusted to the right hour pointer direction, and the adjustment is repeated until the button dial is fully pressed to stop the rotation immediately. The purpose of adjusting the electronic brake is to prevent the noise generated by the disc continuing to rotate after the stop button is pressed.

5. Installation of the disc electrostatic sheet:

DJ mixing is easy to generate static electricity due to the friction between the disc and the turntable, so installing the electrostatic sheet can reduce the generation of static electricity and also facilitate DJ mixing. During installation, one or two plastic sheets can be placed in front of the electrostatic sheet and the turntable to reduce mutual friction and facilitate DJ operation.

6. Installation of variable speed CD player:

The variable speed CD player can be divided into one-piece, split and single-type. The installation method is roughly the same as the disc installation method. The digital audio signal of the CD player is connected to the mixing console, and the CD connection must be connected. On the LINE track on the mixing console, and insert the left and right channels shown in red and white, insert the jacks. Note that when selecting the LINE track; consider whether the left and right turntables and the left and right CD players do not share a track when switching between each other. The signal distribution is unreasonable, which is inconvenient when switching.



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