How to Improve the Transmission and Quality of Microphone System?

- Sep 19, 2018-

The antenna determines the actual receiving distance and quality of the receiver. The use distance of the wireless microphone system is determined by the transmitter's transmit power and the sensitivity of the receiver. Increasing the transmit power and receiving sensitivity can increase the system's use distance. However, after the specifications of the two are shipped, the user cannot arbitrarily change; especially In addition to the limitation of radio wave regulations, the increase in transmit power will cause the loss of mutual interference of multi-channel signals to be more serious. The increase in battery power consumption and the shortened use time are certainly not the best. The only way is to increase the receiving sensitivity.

In theory, the sensitivity of the receiver is increased by 6 dB, which can increase the receiving distance by twice. In fact, it is impossible for the user to arbitrarily increase the original sensitivity of the receiver.

The nominal sensitivity of a typical receiver is the value that the signal generator tests from the antenna input of the receiver, which is completely independent of the actual antenna reception, because when the wireless microphone system is actually applied, the signal is transmitted through the antenna of the receiver. Receiving, therefore, in addition to the sensitivity of the receiver, the use of the antenna's characteristic specifications and installation conditions is the most important factor in determining the actual receiving effect.



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