How to Improve the Quality of Sound Playback?

- Sep 17, 2018-

1. Lay a thick carpet on the ground.

Perhaps the most likely to be a serious reflection of sound waves is the ground. Although the carpet does not work well for low frequencies, the first thing to do is to try to absorb some high frequency reflections. The early reflections formed by the first 5 ms (milliseconds) or a few milliseconds after the direct sound will become part of the direct sound, and because they are mostly from the same direction, they will be heard. You should avoid letting the audible innocent speakers mix with the high-frequency sound that is reflected from the ground. And because it's unlikely to add some soft padding to the ceiling, if you don't lay the carpet on the floor, there will be two parallel and reflective surfaces, and the sound waves will be reflected back and forth between the ground and the ceiling. So it makes the sound ugly.

2. Hang curtains on the window.

In some concert halls, glass with reflection is always avoided. In the listening room, because the walls are close to each other, the reflected sound of the glass is easily annoying. You can try to hang some curtains that can be opened on the window and pull the curtains while listening to music. Also, do not place bookcases and furniture with a glass front panel in the listening room.

3. Try to destroy the reflection of the parallel wall.

Parallel walls, like the ground and ceiling, are likely to produce endless reflections, resulting in “multiple echoes” that make the sound unpleasant. You can slap your hands hard. If you hear the echo, it means there are some problems in the listening room.

4. You can slightly close to some speakers to listen.

Sometimes, occasionally, try to sit and listen to music a little closer to the speakers. In fact, many people tend to listen to music because they sit away from the box, so they are actually listening to the room instead of listening to the speakers. Being close to listening will be enjoyable. Although it is not as good as listening to the sound directly from the speaker, it is not unreasonable to compare it as a standard of audition. By the way, in fact, almost all of the sound recordings are recorded in the "near field" when recording, whether the recording is good or bad.



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