How to Export iPhone Recording?

- Sep 20, 2018-

The built-in recorder of the iPhone is very easy to use. For better recording quality, the maximum volume on the volume indicator should be between –3dB and 0 dB. It is not only safe to copy the recording from the mobile phone every time after recording, but also free up more space to prepare for future recordings. So, how to export iPhone recording? There are 2 ways to export recording from iPhone, one is to use iTunes to synchronize directly, and the other is to use third party software to copy it. Let's take a look at the specific method of how to export iPhone recording.

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to your computer.

Step 2. Click the Music tab on the main interface and check “Include Voice Memo”.

Step 3. Click “Voice Memo” in the lower left corner of the ITunes interface to find the audio previously recorded with iPhone on the main interface.



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