How to Eliminate Acoustic Defects in Entertainment Venues?

- Oct 24, 2018-

1. Echo

When arranging the two sets of left and right speakers, don't leave too far. The distance difference between the sounds of the two sets of speakers and the listening seats in the hall should not exceed 17 meters. Also calculate the arrival listener. The time difference between the direct sound and the reflection of the main speaker opposite the wall is less than 50ms. In addition, it is also conceivable to make sound absorption treatment on the opposite wall of the main speaker or to make a diffused surface for reasonable diffusion, or to design a reflective surface so that the reflected sound can be reflected to the rear audience and improve the listening effect of the rear row. Due to the characteristics of sound transmission and the result of human ear masking effect, the formation of echo has the following rules, so that we can grasp the use. Generally speaking, large room is easier to produce echo than small room; k reverberation time is shorter than reverberation time and echo is easy, ƒ language sound is easier to produce echo than music sound; m listener is closer to sound source than Echoes are prone to sounds far from the sound source.

2. Trembling echo Parallel walls or regular polygons have a vibrating echo. It is possible to change this parallel wall. Change the plane of the polygon rule. Note: If there are two parallel walls, but the sound source is not between the two parallel walls, and the direction of sound propagation is not perpendicular to the two walls. At this time, although the defects causing the tremor echo exist, the actual formation of the tremor echo is greatly reduced.

3. Sound focus

In the design of the towel to avoid concave arc wall or curved surface, if unavoidable, you can use decorative materials to focus the concave point of the concave surface beyond or above the listening area, or use the sound-absorbing material and convex arc reflection inside the material absorbs or diffuses sound energy and destroys its focus.

4. Acoustic coupling

Note that the unprocessed space is coupled to the hall to lengthen the reverberation time or be affected by the reverberation sound of the adjacent space. Sound insulation and the method of sound absorption for the coupled air (aisle and gallery) can be used to reduce the impact.

5. Sound shadow

The design of the stage and the speaker fabric should be fully considered in order to ensure that all the audience can see the middle and high-pitched speakers. Avoid sound and shadow generation, and add auxiliary speakers to the sound reinforcement system design if necessary.



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